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Don't Get Caught in an Emergency

Internet continuity keeps your business online and running anytime your primary connection is compromised. Backup connections allow essential business functions to run uninterrupted.

Route Diversity

Unmatched reliability is delivered by three unique platforms: satellite, fixed wireless, and fibre networks. This access to multiple platforms allows for robust backup plans in urban, rural and remote locations.

Affordable Protection

For less than $2/day, be confident knowing your business won’t have to shut down – even for an hour.

Automatic Failover

Switch between primary and secondary connections automatically

Protect Your Business

Modern business requires seamless continuity - optimize your enterprise to weather any event.

Eliminate Downtime

Effective solution for productivity

Minimize Financial Impacts

Accept all forms of payment during an outage

Protect Your Company Reputation

Be known for flawless service

Improve Customer Loyalty

Stay connected to your customers

Looking for a new Internet provider?

Request a connectivity consultation with an Enterprise Account Manager today.